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How Many Years Does A Yurt Last?

Views: 1033     Author: Yolanda     Publish Time: 2022-08-08      Origin: sinoyurt

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How Many Years Does A Yurt Last?

SinoYurt is renowned for producing top-quality yurts, setting a high standard in the market. The durability of our yurts largely depends on several factors. With proper site preparation, regular cleaning, and maintenance, a SinoYurt can last up to 15 years with minimal issues. Some yurts even exceed this lifespan.

I recently spoke with a customer in Florida who, after 20 years, was inquiring about the cost of a new roof. This anecdote highlights the longevity potential of SinoYurts. In essence, the saying "you get what you pay for" holds true. Investing in premium upgrades during your purchase may seem costly initially but significantly extends the yurt's lifespan.

Consider this scenario: a yurt with single-layer insulation, standard roof, and 20 mil plastic windows, situated in a tree grove. The customer cleans it bi-annually using warm water and soap, minimizing UV exposure. Thorough application of the HH-66 sealant during setup and periodic spot-checks enhances the yurt's longevity.

Typically, the first replacement needed is the south-facing window, lasting 7-10 years with intense sun exposure. The roof, especially with the upgraded 28 oz option, lasts longer. Replacement times vary due to factors like UV exposure, extreme heat, and lack of maintenance, averaging around 13 years. Between 14-20 years, some customers may consider upgrading the outer shell or sidewalls. Regular cleaning and maintenance significantly extend the life of the shell and sidewalls.

In the world of yurts, SinoYurt stands out not only for its initial quality but for its enduring legacy. Invest wisely, maintain diligently, and let your SinoYurt become a testament to both craftsmanship and longevity.



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