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Why You Should Start A Glamping Business

Views: 1888     Author: Yolanda     Publish Time: 2022-11-09      Origin: sinoyurt

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Why You Should Start A Glamping Business

Over the last few years, consumer interest in glamping has been on the rise and there are a combination of factors that make now the right time to start that glamping business you’ve been dreaming about. 

To start, trends in the market indicate that glamping is most popular with ages 18-32.

Because this popularity is driven by millennials and Gen Z, rather than the older generations who typically dominate the leisure market, there is a lot of potential for future growth alongside the younger generations.

During the pandemic, the concept of staycations rose in popularity as domestic and international travel locked down, remote work became standard, and travelers were looking to reconnect with nature during trying times. 

Even now, vacationers are still choosing staycations as an affordable alternative, due to the rising cost of living, unrest in some countries, and an increased interest in low-tech vacations.

The rise in remote work is also promising for aspiring glamping business owners, as digital nomads have flexibility with travel and the ability to work from anywhere—great news for glamping sites providing Wi-Fi as an amenity.


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